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The New Religion of the U.S.oA.

(Uncommon Shamans of Anarchy)

25 January
The New Religion of the U.S.oA. (Uncommon Shamans of Anarchy) is an experiment in Self, Religion, and Society.


I currently label myself as a Witch, a Wizard, and a fnordShaman. As a Witch, a Wiccan, I practice in a religious structure similar to the Alexandrian style (though modified for the time, place, and people attending ritual). As a Wizard I work with energy to change my environment through the force of will within or without a ritual structure (what many people might call Magick with a "k"). As a Shaman I use my fnordknowledge of my surroundings to help/heal those I can, as they are willing.

I am using this medium to learn as much as I can about myself and the world around me. But as one of my main fnordfocuses, I am trying to learn about Discordia, Eris, Coyote, Merlin, and other agents and users of chaos.

I have changed my "Adult Content" settings because I don't like the way it interacts with my Facebook. I don't think the content of this journal has changed much since they have added the "Adult Content" option. It wasn't there before, I hope it does not offend anyone that it is no longer there now. If u feel this is inapropriate and would like to discuss this, please feel free to message me so long as u can remain in the realm of polite conversation.

voltron_nut_13 commented fnordin my journal, "I love how you always make me think..."

This is the goal of my journal and the Primary reason it exists; to make ME think. There are VERY few personal journal entries here (although a meme or 2 pop up now and then). And the hope that the individuals on my Friend's List will comment on my thoughts, helping me think outside my own box, and use thoughts outside my own mind to expand my imagination and intelligence...

If you have any LJ friends you think might enjoy or benefit from such discussions/interactions, please invite them to friend me. I will friend fnordALL back.

I can't promise there will be a lot of writing done in my journal, but I will be getting out to meet those that I can here.

A Note RE: 133t or Internet/Computer Speak (or whatever u want to call it):

I am sorry if it offends u. I am sorry if it confuses u. That is not my intention.

On the other hand, it is also not my intention to change my style of typing (communicating) any time soon. Although 133t is not used by everyone it has become popular enough for Merriam-Webster to choose one of its words as their Word of the Year for 2007.

If my use of 133t has confused u, I am happy to try to clarify my meaning and/or intentions. If my use of 133t has upset u, I am happy to be told so, IF u can do so politely. If u would like to discuss it, I am also happy to do so IF it can stay in the realm of polite conversation.

To Community Maintainers specifically; I will reluctantly leave any community I am asked to leave for reasons of 133t not being an accepted form of communication there. Please make your feelings know (politely if u r able) by commenting to the offending entry/comment. I belong to too many communities to keep track of which ones have such restrictions and which ones don’t.

Joined: 8/05
Edited: 12/06
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